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Brandon Dickerson is an award winning writer+director. He now lives on "Green Acres" east of Austin, TX in a 1955 Spartan Mansion Trailer with his family and miniature donkeys named Donkey + Yoti.



I was just spit on by Shirley.* At Green Acres, our miniature donkeys, Donkey and Yoti, now have some alpaca friends named Laverne and Shirley, and I continue to get worked over by our new farm friends on my city-slicker-now-living-tiny-on-land journey. (*By “spit,” I mean a surprisingly large, warm, and… Read more »


trying too hard

I want to believe that hard work always = desired results. If I do my best, I can achieve anything. But I’m discovering that, for me, there is a marked difference between trying hard and doing my best, smartest, and most thoughtful work. Maybe you are rocking it by busting… Read more »


pity party

“To be engrossed by something outside ourselves is a powerful antidote for the rational mind, the mind that so frequently has its head up its own ass--seeing things in such a narrow and darkly narcissistic way that it presents a colo-rectal theology, offering hope to no one.” - Anne Lamott,… Read more »



I hate spoilers more than anyone I know who says, “I hate spoilers,” so I apologize in advance for what I’m about to tell you. I’d like to think I am uber-anti-spoiler-boy because I’m a filmmaker and there is some knightly code we have to uphold. But,… Read more »



“Can we get a giraffe?” I knew my wife was only halfway joking. Some friends were not surprised when we sold our house to buy land East of Austin, but most have wondered WTF, “Why the Farm?” The conversation was sparked by a weekend family adventure at The Serengeti Resort—… Read more »
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