green acres

I spent the last two mornings searching for my miniature donkey.

I know, not a sentence I ever thought I would type either.

Growing up in Southern California, it was the wealthy who owned land, the poor who lived in trailers, and the school kids in FFA Classes who wanted to own donkeys.

Land and livestock were never part of my plan as a surfer kid who knew he wanted to be a film director since he was eight years old. It is a long journey that finds me living with my family thirty minutes outside of Austin, Texas in a 1955 Spartan Mobile Mansion trailer on land I own and share with two donkeys.

Last year, we sold our house when we fell in love with this surprisingly affordable twenty-five acres we quickly named “Green Acres” for obvious reasons—city folk owning land who don’t have a clue what they are doing. We were filled with hopes of some sort of a homesteadranchorganicfarmartistretreatspace mash-up, and moved into a temporary rented space in Austin to figure out how our rural dreams could take shape.

We tore down the 80s fraternity-hunting-shack that was ruining the vibe of the classic barn, built a half-pipe skate ramp, and set our sights on getting some animals. My wife was keen on Alpacas, but an afternoon with a local herd confirmed we should start our adventure with miniature donkeys.

And an ADVENTURE it has certainly been.

When we recently turned down interest in a “Green Acres” reality show, watching me fumble as a fish-out-of-water filmmaker father living on land, I decided that a simple blog would be the best place to share the journey. (If any are offended by the blog title, please note that “Stories about my Equus Africanus Asinus” was already taken.)

Some stories are meant to be shared. I hope you enjoy them.

It all started with an ad on Craigslist...

next story: donkeys-delivered